Earn up to $15 per person!!  Its fun and easy!!

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Put the FUN back in Your Next “Fundraiser!”


Nonprofits, charities, and organizations look for new ways to raise funds for their causes every year.  Why not have your next fundraiser with us?

How does it work?

“It’s the easiest FUNdraiser we have ever done!” is the most common response when groups host events with us!

You pick the date, time, and painting, and we do the rest!

Since inception (2/1/14), Uptown Painting Party has raised over $25,000 for local charities and nonprofits in the Somerset and surrounding areas!

Step One: Choose a Date & Time

It all starts with choosing a date and time.  We look to see if we can accommodate your request.  We have a team of artists, so we have the availability and flexibility!

We run events any day of the week, but most FUNdraisers are held Thursday nights-Sunday afternoon.  However, it is truly up to you! If it works for you, we can most likely make it work for us!

Step Two: Choose the Painting

This is the most difficult part of the whole event! 🙂

You can contact us and we can help you decide on what to paint!  We have a selection of paintings that we can email you once you book your event.

We also take special requests!  Just send us what you have in mind, and we will  create an original just for you! We’ll even help you pick a painting your donors will love to come to paint that will represent your group and cause.

Step Three: Advertising Your Event

Once the date and painting is chosen, we will create you a flyer to distribute and a Facebook event link…no additional cost to you!

Step Four: Day of the Event

Many people like to bring their own wine or beverages the day of the event.  You can choose whether you would like your event to be alcoholic or non.  (If we are hosting off-site, it is your responsibility to know if the site allows alcohol or not!)

People often ask about food, and if the organization should bring food or not?  That is totally up to you!  If you do provide food, we can put that in the advertising, and we have plenty of space for you to have a table to set out all the goodies.  Keep it simple though!  There will be time for people to mix and mingle, but saucy dips or heavy foods really isn’t necessary!  We also have a restaurant in our building, Kitty’s Corner Cafe.  You can feel free to call and work with them, or encourage others that coffee and soft drinks are available there as well! There is also a pizza place, and a bakery only a few yards away!

People arrive, and it usually takes about 2 hours, sometimes longer depending on the complexity of the painting.

We provide aprons, and listen to music and pARTiers create their very own masterpiece!  It’s a ton of fun!  (97% of our people who attend have never painted a day in their life!  It’s so exciting to see everyone’s creativity at the end of the event!)

Check out our photos and see what other’s have created in 2014!

We mail you the donation check the week after the event.

That’s it! 🙂


How Many People Can Attend?

On Site Events:

On our location in Glades Court Mall, Uptown Somerset, PA, we can hold up to 50 people.

Off site Events:

  • 100+ (If you have the room, we’ll make it work!!)

103 pARTiers for the Red Shoe Shuffle FUNdraiser for Ronald McDonald House Baltimore for “Team Dolan”- $1250 Raised!


We Want You To Come To Us, How Does That Work?

  • We arrive any where between an hour to  an hour and 1/2 to set up, depending on the size of the event.
  • We bring all disposable items, set up and clean up
  • We do not bring tables and chairs, that needs to be provided for us
  • We bring all canvas, paint, tablecloths, disposable items for everyone to paint and create their own unique masterpieces!
  • We do need access to water for the painting process, as well as for clean up and rinsing out of our brushes.  (Don’t worry, we’re super neat!)
  • We need access to electrical plugs for our blow dryers for the paintings.  We bring extension cords.
  • We do not pay any rental fees, liability insurance, or assume any responsibility if people choose to bring and consume alcohol or damage any property during the time we are in attendance for the event
  • If the location is a bar/restaurant that serves alcohol, minors must obey the laws of the establishment.  If they do not allow minors, they are not permitted to attend.  If they are allowed, a responsible adult must be present and assume all responsibility for that minor.
  • We bring music, and have a ton of fun!
  • We ask for 15 minimum in attendance.

Are “Kids” Allowed to Attend?

We do not assume any responsibility for BYOB events, and minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. You must be 21 to consume alcohol at BYOB events.

If you are allowing under 21 kids to attend, we suggest a non alcoholic event.

How Much Do We Get Back in Donations?

We do not ask for a down payment to hold the date or to have the event; however, we do ask for a minimum participation 15 people* for both on and off site events.

Choose the price you want to charge your guests from $35 to $40.  You receive everything over $28.  So for example if you charge your guests $38 a ticket your organization will make $10 per person.

  • If you have two images during the FUNdraiser painted, we will count that as two separate events, with two instructors, requiring a minimum 30 people at the entire event.

Contact us Today for more details and to schedule your next FUNdraiser!



 Recent Feedback:

“I just did a fundraiser for NAMI last night. We raised a ton of money and Uptown was amazing. Staff are so polite and personable. We had a BLAST!!!! Awesome, fun way to FUNdraise!! Thank you guys!!” – Cassie B. (National Alliance for Mental Illness- $350 Raised!)

“Easiest. Fundraiser. Ever! Raised money and had a ton of FUN! Can’t wait to come again!”- Christy F.- (Remember My Footprints- $400 raised!)

“I attended the fundraiser for The Somerset Humane Society with my sister. Her and I had an amazing time! The instructor was great and the atmosphere was relaxing! Cannot wait to go back!”- Megan C.  (Humane Society of Somerset County- $500 Raised!)

“I really enjoyed the time I spent there. The girls were so friendly and helpful, I will definitely return and bring more people. It was a great event and we contributed to helping a sweet little boy!!” Kimberly H.

“Awesome party! Great people to work with. Very professional and very fun! I recommend them to anyone!”- Nicole P.

“Thank you again for yesterday !!! Everyone has said the had so much fun and would love to make this an annual thing! I really appreciate it.”- Mileva R. ($1,200+ raised for Castleman’s Disease)

“Just wanted to thank you guys again, last night was better than I ever imagined it to be!! You all are great! Thank you all again, and I hope to work with you again in the future!”-(Paige J. $1,250 Raised- Red Shoe Shuffle/Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore)