Kiddo Friendly Events

birthday1pARTying is for kiddos of all ages!

The painting is usually much easier than the other ones so our younger pARTiers don’t feel frustrated and have FUN!

For the Kiddo Friendly and Family Events, we ask that you please do not bring alcoholic beverages!

We also can host private pARTies if you want a specific theme or painting, or to even celebrate a birthday! Contact us now to reserve your date!

Make sure you wear old clothes, because acrylic paint can ruin fabric! It does come very easily off of hands and faces, though! (Whew!)

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Pricing Info: (Effective 2/1/2016)

General Studio Pricing: (Unless otherwise noted)

General Admission:

  • $35 : 16×20 Canvas
  • $30 : 12×16 Canvas
  • Add $3 each  for lights, clock mechanism, etc. (if applicable)

Children (10 and under)

  • $25: 12×16 canvas
  • $10: 12×16 panel ages 3-5
  • Add $3 each  for lights, clock mechanism, etc. (if applicable)
  • pARTy Chaperones….FREE!  Just come and hang out!


>>>> Questions? Please contact us!