Updated Calendar, Our Newest Artist, Painting with Crayons, Lights, and More!

Uptown Painting pARTy is Bringing New Creative Ideas, Lights and More!

We’ve been having a great time pARTying here at Uptown Painting pARTy, located in Glades Court Mall, Uptown Somerset, PA!

Thank you all for pARTying with us, scheduling events, and pARTicipating in Facebook contests, and sharing our venue with your friends and family.  We have had nothing but great revues from pARTiers who are trying something new for the first time!

Remember, you don’t have to be an artist to pARTy!  Come and check us out!

July 23, 2014- FUNdraiser for Hopeful Hearts Charity

We had SO MUCH FUN at the FUNdraiser for Hopeful Hearts charity!  We were able to raise $350 by pARTiers just coming to paint and pARTy with us!

Spearheaded by Ms. Christy Berzonski, she is doing wonderful things for families who have been stricken by cancer and financially burdened by the incredibly high medical costs that can be associated with the diagnosis.  We pray Christy can continue to do wonderful things for families and are so happy that our FUNdraiser was able to help her form her nonprofit.  If you would like to find out more information and how to help contribute to her cause, please visit her Facebook page by clicking here!


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July 25, 2014- Hot Air Balloons

This was the most relaxing night, just hanging out, painting beautiful balloons, and meeting new friends.  Loved this night!  Thank you Tia Livengood for your fabulous instruction and inspiration!!


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July 26, 2014- Bachelorette pARTy!

What a FUN and TALENTED group of ladies who celebrated the newlyweds to be by painting this beautiful summer tree!  Congratulations and best wishes to all!  Thank you so much for celebrating with us!


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July 27, 2014- Firefly Sunday Night

Thank you for coming out and painting with us on a Sunday night!  Hope to see you soon!  Great job!!


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