Sign Options For Fundraisers or Special Events

We are now offering something new your guests are sure to love! For your fundraiser we will travel up to 60 miles or you can have it in our studio which holds up to 40 people. We supply everything that is need for your event except tables and chairs.

You can choose up to 4 signs to be taught at your fundraiser. We will bring a variety of colors to choose from so your guests can make the sign to fit their style. Each person will have their own stencil to use to help create their sign, which will be a 12″X18″ plank board. They are $39 and you can make up to $9 back per person.

15 to 20 people…..$7 back per person

21 to 30 people…..$8 back per person

31 and up……………$9 back per person

Art Ala Carte Stencil Images

These are stencils we have, you can add this to any sing idea you might have.



These are the stencils that you can choose from when you come in during our open studio times and create your own sign or you can use them on a slate, window and more. We have 50 colors to choose from and different elements that you can add to your sign to make it custom to your own style! There is always on artist on staff that will guide you through the process.